How to Destroy Dangerous Habits Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling

We all we are creatures of habits. Whenever a habit sets in, it is hard to change the particular habit. Habits can be good or bad. While some habits cost us to lose our health and money, we should prevent from doing dangerous things that could cause addictions in future.

The smoking habit

How many times did you hear about smokers saying they wish they could stop, but just could not do so? A large percentage, 25% of the population indulge in this unhealthy habit. In the long term, smoking indefinitely causes many health problems such as lung cancer, stroke and so on. The market for tobacco business is huge. At the same time, medical costs for curing diseases and conditions caused by smoking are huge and go by the billions (in dollars). It is even said that if you smoke, you might as well forget about your retirement account because of the sheer cost of cigarettes itself.

However, seek professional help if you just cannot kick the habit. Hospitals have smoking-cessation programs. Some even provide free consultation by specialized medical experts.

If you still cannot stop smoking, you need to start thinking of others around you, especially loved ones. You do not want to kill others indirectly with your second-hand smoke, do you?

On the issue of alcohol and drugs

Out of consuming alcohol and drugs, millions are now searching for cure at hospitals. At the same time, treatments are not cheap at all. Diseases such as liver cirrhosis, accidents and suicides often arise from the abuse of alcohol and drugs. They (drugs and alcohol) are known to tear apart a family.

Likewise, every person who is suffering from alcohol and drug addictions must seek medical attention. Sadly, only a rough 15% of sufferers decide to seek help.

Never gamble

Men are known to have a bigger risk of gambling. Maybe you could blame the adrenaline-boiling experience gained when gambling. If you know simple maths, you should already know by now that the house (casinos) always win by a large percentage. The same applies to stock trading. One day it could be profitable, another it could be disastrous. If you do gamble anyways, try not to get hooked at the addiction level. You can always play a friendly game of poker or blackjack with friends for mild entertainment. Should you suspect the habit is getting out of hand, seek the respective gambling associations that hep you kick the habit. Help exists out there.

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